The Best Choice for Fitness Equipment in Florida

Second Chance Fitness is a trusted partner for all our clients in Florida. It's our goal to identify the needs of Florida clients and provide expert solutions that meet their goals and expectations. With over 30 years of experience, we strive every day to make a positive impact on the individuals and communities in Florida. From conceptual design to the finished product we will be right there to ensure the success of the project and afterward with the product, service, and maintenance support.

Building a gym is more than just buying equipment. To create an experience, you need both fitness and design experts who understand how to create a beautiful and functional workout space. Our installers and certified service technicians work directly with you in Florida to design your new space, and then install and service on-site!

At Second Chance Fitness Inc., our expert team of gym design and visualization experts use 3D design software that will bring your ideas to life in stunningly realistic views. We know that the right design for your Florida gym can revolutionize your appeal and your revenue potential. Our 3D visualization technology will show you exactly what your Florida facility will look on completion.

Your Florida 3D Gym Design Partner